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Tibet Tour

There are few places in the world whose name triggers mental images of spirituality and deep remoteness. It is a place that brings many wonderful images to mind as you contemplate the very roof of the world.

Swiss Nepal Family Trekking & Expedition is pleased to be able to offer you some outstanding trips into a land that stands more than two miles above sea level. This forbidden land is home of the gods and is surrounded by an aura of spiritual mystery.  This place is now open for visitors to come and see what all this ancient land has to offer.
There are monasteries, palaces and temples for sure. But there is also incredible scenic beauty as you can explore the Tibetan plateau. Here you are very close to the breathtaking Himalayas.

Tibet has the holy mountain of Mt. Kailash, home to the Hindu god Shiva. There is the sacred Holy Lake of Manasarovar along with the remnant of the lost cities of Tsaprang and Tholing.  The isolation and vastness of Tibet is fascinating and alluring.

The time of visiting this land is best from April to November. Because of the growing popularity of Tibet, it is advisable to book your trip as early as possible.

The People's Republic of China declared Tibet in 1965 to be the Tibet Autonomous Region. The region has many restrictions for entry, which is why you need a competent travel and trekking agency to work with. Swiss Nepal Family Trekking & Expedition is pleased to be one of the companies that qualify to be a travel agent for Tibet. Our experience has developed a strong level of trust with the officials there, as we have a very good working relationship with the people and government in Tibet.  Those kinds of connections mean that you will have the best possible experience when going to the lands of the Tibetan plateau.

Call or write Swiss Nepal Family Trekking & Expedition for more information as you prepare to book your trip to Tibet.

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