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Nepal Camping Trekking

Imagine waking up on a brisk morning to the smell of coffee as the sun rises over the High Himalayas. You stand there just outside of your tent with a steaming cup of coffee or tea, looking up at the brilliant snowcapped peaks that are unfolding before you. It is a memory that you are not about to easily forget!

Camping treks are an incredible way to really experience the adventure of the Himalayas. This was the traditional way of trekking before the rise of tea house trekking. While they are a bit more costly than a tea house trek, they are well worth the expense.

Each trek features its own chef who cooks three wonderful meals each day. There are extra porters to carry tents and cooking supplies as you make your way deep into the mountains.
There are many good reasons to choose a camping trek over a tea house trek. One is that you can move at your own schedule, not having to always reach the next village which can be a distance in some remote areas. In addition, many remote villages do not have tea houses, so you can travel deeper into the mountains by choosing a camping trek.

But there is also the sense of adventure. There is nothing like sitting around a campfire, watching the stars come over overhead until the entire sky is studded with twinkling lights. There is nothing like fresh mountain air to awaken the senses. And from your camp, sip your tea as you watch the sun's final rays set over the high mountains.

Some of the best selling camping treks in the Nepal Camping Trekking include the following:

Swiss Nepal Family Trekking & Expedition has been offering incredible mountain camping treks for years. Our staff is trained to serve you, from our chef who can make delicious meals to our porters who set up your camp before you get there so you can relax in all of the hospitality and beauty that the Himalayas can offer.

Camping treks can be as long or as short as you desire, the possibilities are endless. Yes, they are a bit more costly, but the experience is well worth the additional expense. Choose a leader in camping treks; choose Swiss Nepal Family Trekking & Expedition today.

Mustang Damodar Kunda Camping Trek

Mustang Damodar Kunda Camping Trek - 21 days

There is nothing quite like an alpine mountain lake with its incredibly blue waters reflecting the surrounding white snowcapped peaks in its surface. Mountain lakes are incredibly calm, and display a setting of peace and serenity. But some mountain lakes are very special. One of those is Damodar K..

Cost: $2485 Per Person [+] Read More
Upper Mustang from Naar-Phu Valley Camping Trek

Upper Mustang from Naar-Phu Valley Camping Trek - 29 days

This is said to be the land of the real Tibet. The Mustang region along with the Naar-Phu Valley is inhabited by a people whose roots are in the Tibetan Plateau. What you will see in this region of Nepal is what Tibet looked and felt like over 50 years ago. These people  settled in these remote a..

Cost: $3400 Per Person [+] Read More
Upper Mustang to Upper Dolpo Camping Trek

Upper Mustang to Upper Dolpo Camping Trek - 32 days

One of the most beautiful areas of the mighty Himalayas can be found in the far western part of Nepal. The region of Upper Mustang and Upper Dolpo are some of the most remote places that offer incredible opportunities for great mountain views, observation of wild animals and some of the most inter..

[+] Read More
Rara Lake Camping Trek

Rara Lake Camping Trek - 15 days

"It is like being in Heaven," goes the local saying when people talk about Rara Lake. Located in the far western region of Nepal, it is a remote lake as well as a national park that rarely sees many visitors because of its remoteness.  This is the largest lake in Nepal, and is ringed with snowcap..

Cost: $1775 Per Person [+] Read More
Gorkha Cultural Camping Trek

Gorkha Cultural Camping Trek - 10 days

Trek to Barpak and Laprak Village in Manaslu Camping Trek

Lying halfway between Kathmandu and Pokhara is the incredibly beautiful district of Gorkha. It is a land of mighty rivers and great mountains with hidden valleys and snowcapped peaks. Mt. Manaslu, the 8th highest peak in the world, lies in..

Cost: $750 Per Person [+] Read More
The Entire Tsum Valley Camping Trek

The Entire Tsum Valley Camping Trek - 27 days

It was nearly 1000 years ago that St. Milarepa, a renowned Buddhist holy man entered this valley to meditate. The people, who were from Tibet, were highly warlike and always involved in some kind of killing and pillaging. St. Milarepa's teaching with Tibetan Buddhism changed the valley into its pe..

Cost: $2125 Per Person [+] Read More

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