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Mustang Region Trekking

Some places have the look and feel of something forbidden. And some places have been closed off to the outside world for hundreds of years. These forbidden places preserved some unique cultures that only now are seeing the light of the world.

One such place is the forbidden kingdom of Mustang. Located in the high Himalayas next to the Tibetan border, this land has had its own unique, as well as an advanced culture for hundreds of years. Travelers who came on the salt road through Mustang 400 years ago marveled at how advanced the culture was.

The land of Mustang is remote and barren it its appearance. Located north of the Annapurna Mountains, the monsoon rains almost never reach the Kingdom of Mustang. The land is dry, except for the rivers that flow out of Tibet and cross its plains. The land features a landscape that has been carved by the ever-present winds that blow across the land.

Some of the best - selling trips in the Mustang Region Trekking include the following:

Mustang has incredible views of the mountains. It contains Nepal's only walled city, its capital of Lo-Manthang. Here the king still is honored in his royal palace. While the government of Nepal no longer recognizes kings, the local people do as they honor their hereditary ruler.

There are cliff monasteries and medication centers. The cliffs are composed of colorful rock of red, pink, orange and blue. The land appears forbidden and foreign and it is open to only a limited number of visitors a year.

Swiss Nepal Family Trekking & Expedition has been a leader in trips to the forbidden kingdom of Mustang. While the land seems so isolated; the people are welcoming as they live and breathe each day their wonderful culture. There are a limited number of permits issued each year to allow entry, so it is best to plan your trip ahead of time. Once you visit this place, you'll agree that there is nothing else like it on earth.

Monsoon Upper Mustang Trek

Monsoon Upper Mustang Trek - 16 days

Some say that Nepal is not a good place to trek in monsoon season. However, those who say that don't know about the forbidden kingdom of Mustang which rarely sees any rain during the summer months.

Mustang is one of the last of the forbidden kingdoms on earth, complete with its own king and walle..

Cost: $1995 Per Person [+] Read More
Forbidden Kingdom of Upper Mustang

Forbidden Kingdom of Upper Mustang - 16 days

High above the stunning Annapurna Mountains is a place that was long forbidden. The Kingdom of Mustang was closed to the outside world until 1992 when the Government of Nepal began to allow a limited number of trekkers to enter each year. It is a land of Tibetan Buddhism with many monasteries to b..

Cost: $1860 Per Person [+] Read More
The Ancient Walled City of Lo-Manthang

The Ancient Walled City of Lo-Manthang - 15 days

There is something about the unknown that always fascinates people. If it is mysterious or forbidden, we want to know more. This is part of the appeal of The Ancient Walled City of Lo-Manthang in Upper Mustang Lodge Trek: it is a trek into what had not that long ago been off limits to foreigners. ..

Cost: $1975 Per Person [+] Read More
Upper Mustang Lodge Trek

Upper Mustang Lodge Trek - 15 days

Humanity has always been fascinated with what is considered forbidden. Things that are hidden just beg to be investigated by human nature. While there are very few such kingdoms in the world today, the kingdom of Lo-Manthang in the Upper Mustang region is just one of those. We are pleased to be a..

Cost: $1975 Per Person [+] Read More

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