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Manaslu & Tsum Valley Region Trekking

Located between Kathmandu and Pokhara lies the 8th highest mountain in the world. Rising 8,163 meters, it rises majestically above the surrounding valleys with its massive snowcapped peaks. The local people for centuries have worshipped this peak as a sacred mountain because it stands out so significantly from all the other mountains. You can see this mountain clearly all the way from Kathmandu, nearly 80 km away.

But it is more than just a sacred peak. To its immediate north are places like Naar-Phu and Tsum Valley which are home to the Tibetan immigrants who migrated to northern Nepal centuries ago. They retain their language and culture, with a strong practice of Tibetan Buddhism and allegiance to the Dalai Lama. These people live in traditional houses, make their living by subsistence farming and practice the rare culture of women having multiple husbands!

The region is watered by the Budhi Gandaki River, one of the most picturesque and longest rivers in Nepal. Its waters originate around Mt. Manaslu and flow southward, boiling over rapids and being fed by waterfalls that spring off the sides of the cliffs into the valley the river forms. The region north of Mt. Manaslu is restricted areas and is limited in access in order to preserve the lifestyles of the local people. Tsum Valley with its 14 Buddhist monasteries was only opened to the outside world since 2008 and is a well watered valley between the snowcapped peaks. The Naar-Phu Valleys were opened around 1991 to outsiders and offer incredible views as well as local culture.

Some of the best selling trips in the Manaslu & Tsum Valley Region Trekking include the following:

To the south of Mt. Manaslu is the Lower Manaslu Area which is primarily inhabited by the Gurung people. Here you will find some easier trekking but with magnificent views of the Mt. Manaslu and the surrounding peaks. There are no special permits needed here (other than the usual TIMS permit). There is no shortage of views and culture, and the sunrise from Dharche Danda is considered one of the best places to see the sunrise over the mountains. There is nothing like watching the sun rise on Mt. Manaslu, turning its peak from grey to reddish-orange and finally a brilliant white.

The staff at Swiss Nepal Family Trekking & Expedition is pleased to be able to offer you this incredible opportunity to visit this unique place in Nepal. We have a number of treks into all the areas, both north and south of Mt. Manaslu. These trips range anywhere from tea house trekking to camping treks.

The Manaslu region is a popular place for trekkers. While not as popular as Everest or Annapurna regions, those who know Nepal enjoy the fascinating culture and incredible beauty of this region of Nepal. Why not join us on a trek to the Manaslu region this year?


Tsum Valley Buddhist Spiritual Trek

Tsum Valley Buddhist Spiritual Trek - 19 days

If one wants to truly experience the fullness of Tibetan Buddhism, one does not need to go to Tibet. Here in Tsum Valley near the Tibetan border is a land where there are 14 Tibetan Buddhist monasteries where you can experience the opportunities to meditate in one of the most delightful settings.

.. Cost: $1560 Per Person [+] Read More
Tsum Valley Lodge Trek

Tsum Valley Lodge Trek - 19 days

To reach Tsum Valley is like entering into a secret valley. The trail drops down into a gorge on the Syar River and then up again as the land widens to form this rich farming valley nestled between the snowcapped peaks of the Himalayas.

To the immediate south are the snowcapped mountains of the G..

Cost: $1460 Per Person [+] Read More
Tsum Valley and Manaslu Circuit Lodge Trek via Larkya-La Pass

Tsum Valley and Manaslu Circuit Lodge Trek via Larkya-La Pass - 23 days

The remoteness of the very northern region of Gorkha District is a step back in time and in many ways, to another country. While many people today want to visit Lhasa and Tibet, they come away disappointed because it is becoming more and more Chinese. But for the real flavor of the Tibet of before..

Cost: $1860 Per Person [+] Read More
Manaslu Circuit Basic Lodge Trek A

Manaslu Circuit Basic Lodge Trek A - 15 days

Some trekkers like traveling the most popular paths in Nepal. Still, others are looking for the trail less traveled into areas that are much more pristine in beauty and culture. One such area is the Manaslu Conservation Area in Gorkha District.

Located about halfway between Kathmandu and Pokhara ..

Cost: $1275 Per Person [+] Read More
Manaslu Circuit Basic Lodge Trek B

Manaslu Circuit Basic Lodge Trek B - 15 days

Many people come for the more popular treks like Everest and Annapurna. But those who know Nepal know that there are many pristine alpine areas with incredible views of the High Himalayas.  These lesser known treks are very exciting and rewarding, with great opportunities to learn the local cultu..

Cost: $1125 Per Person [+] Read More
Upper and Lower Manaslu Trek

Upper and Lower Manaslu Trek - 16 days

The region of Gorkha District is known for its beautiful mountains. On the northern edge of this district lies the 8th highest mountain in the world: Mt. Manaslu. Rising to an elevation of 8,163 meters, its lofty heights tower above all of the surrounding mountains and its massif can be seen from ..

Cost: $1860 Per Person [+] Read More
Lower Manaslu Cultural Trek

Lower Manaslu Cultural Trek - 9 days

One of the newest treks in the Manaslu region is the Lower Manaslu Cultural Trek. This route has been recently been laid out, and is an ideal short trek with a moderate grade. It offers some fantastic views of the High Himalayas while enjoying primarily the Gurung Culture.

There are waterfalls, w..

Cost: $745 Per Person [+] Read More

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