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Everest Region Trekking

Visiting Mt. Everest is probably one of the most popular items on most people's bucket list. The world's highest mountain has long been a lure to people visiting the remote Himalayas.
Situated in eastern Nepal on the Chinese border, it rises 8,848 meters in its majestic height, surrounded by several other 8,000 peaks that pay homage to the roof of the world.  The brilliant white peak of Mt. Everest pierces a cobalt blue sky for a most dramatic scene.

The region of Mt. Everest is filled with lofty mountain peaks, incredible glaciers, picturesque waterfalls, Sherpa villages and more. There are rhododendron and pine forests, ancient Buddhist monasteries, and even a yeti scalp to be discovered.

The Everest region is a land of spirituality and mystique. Hear the howl of the yeti at night. Some folks say that they are just legends, but the locals will point out to you their cry at night. The scenery is second to none in the entire world.

Some of the best-selling trips in the Everest region Trekking include the following:

There are also "off the beaten path" treks into the Everest region. We have short treks for those with very little time along with longer treks for those who really want to explore this incredible region. This is a land of adventure and excitement as you explore the roof of the world.

Be sure to talk further with your representative at Swiss Nepal Family Trek & Expedition. We can help you to arrange the perfect trip into the Mt. Everest region.

Everest Base Camp Trek- 14 Days

Everest Base Camp Trek- 14 Days - 14 days

The most popular trek into the Everest region is the Everest Base Camp Trek. This trek follows the paths of Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Sherpa who first climbed the peak over 60 years ago. It takes you deep into the high Himalayas as you make your way to the starting point for those who climb ..

Cost: $1490 Per Person [+] Read More
Everest: The Hard Way

Everest: The Hard Way - 19 days

For some people, they are looking for a real challenge. They want to get away from the crowds and to experience the intensity of the Himalayas. The mighty Himalayas are the tallest, largest mountains on the face of the Earth.  This trek takes on the mighty Himalayas without any technical mountain..

Cost: $1915 Per Person [+] Read More
North of Namche Bazaar & Renjo-La Pass Lodge Trek

North of Namche Bazaar & Renjo-La Pass Lodge Trek - 14 days

14 Days of Trekking in the Shadow of Mt. Everest

Lots of travelers head every year to the Everest region. While some trails like EBC are very popular and crowded with travelers, there are also those regions that rarely see visitors. These are the trails less traveled, and hold a deep mystery of ..

Cost: $1490 Per Person [+] Read More
Salpa High Pass (Lukla to Tumlingtar) Lodge Trek

Salpa High Pass (Lukla to Tumlingtar) Lodge Trek - 11 days

Salpa High Pass Lodge trek follows along a section of the Great Himalayan Trail (GHT) to offer incredible alpine views of the Everest region. This is Sherpa country, and here you will encounter the famed Sherpa people who have made this place their home for over 1000 years. You will also encounte..

Cost: $1225 Per Person [+] Read More

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